Coffee Chats Group Chat:

I have a group chat on Facebook. It is not a support group at all, it is a chatroom where we get together to talk about.... things. Life in general and just share. Life has gotten really difficult during these COVID times and I wanted to create a space where people could get together and talk without judgment. 

Coffee Chats Group Chat is not about politics or religion. I will not allow bashing of any kind. It's ok to say "I'll pray for you", but trying to convert someone to your faith or bash anyone for the way they believe is not allowed. I believe we all have our own belief systems and our own goodness will come out just in the way we treat each other. Sharing can come later if the friendship develops and both parties are aware and do not mind. Just on your own time. Thank you for being respectful. 

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The group is available now, see link below.

All participants may be removed if talk or activity does not meet private community standards.