I am not a doctor, I am a survivor! Bipolar Disorder is not the end of the world. But, if you ignore Bipolar Disorder, it can be the end of your world

The information on this website is based on my own journey and may help you with your journey to wellness. Bipolar Disorder and Depression is not your fault, but if you learn to live successfully with this illness. Low self-esteem, bullying, bad marriages and poor choices lead to despair and possible drug addiction.

Danni Andrew, DTM

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Bipolar Disorder Doesn't Have to be Depressing! is Here!!

Slowly I slid to the floor as I watched the policeman buckle my children into the backseat of his police car, close the door and drive away. The knock on my door had startled me as I was not expecting anyone. As I lay on the floor contemplating taking every pill in the bottles strewn across my bathroom countertop, I opened my eyes and surveyed the disaster before me. How had this happened?  Slowly getting to my feet I found the box of unopened trash bags and sat down amidst the piles of dirty clothes, trash and dog poop. I had to at least try. It took me eight days to clean the house and get my kids back. Nineteen years later my home is clean, my children are grown. This one incident started me on the road to recovery from victim to victory. I am not a doctor, I am a survivor of mental illness.

Moments for Me is a special group where you can take time for yourself and focus on you. If you don't take care of yourself you are not any good for anyone one else. The Mental Health Moment workbook is designed for you to take a few moments and relax. Read the meditation/devotion. Color the border and write down what you are thinking about. It is important to take time for yourself and it only takes about fifteen minutes out of every day. If you are interested in a Moments for Me workshop please send me a note Here. 

MENTAL HEALTH MOMENTS: Combining Journaling,

Coloring and Reading

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