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-Over ten years counseling with a qualified therapist

-Distinguished Toastmaster

-Danni is a published author and an award winning artist

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1995 after many years of struggling with depression. The diagnosis helped me to finally have a name for the pain I was in. The diagnosis did not change my situation, true change would come with education about the illness, deep introspection, counseling with a qualified therapist, learning about diet, exercise, how your body reacts to stimulants both inside and outside the body and time.


I learned to live with this debilitating illness, not only did I learned to identify the food that make this illness worse, I also learned the value of getting enough sleep, exercise and keeping a positive spiritual life. Spirituality is defined in many ways. It is very important to find your connection. Art or a hobby also makes a difference

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